Chopping off my little fingerphoto © 2005 Timothy Takemoto | more info (via: Wylio)“Oh. Really? He throws that medicine up?” Dr. Smith stopped typing on the computer and turned to me. “Does he keep any of it down?”

“No, within a half hour, he empties his stomach. Poor guy. And he knows this med makes him puke — he fights it.”

She thought for a minute, fingers tapping the keyboard lightly.

“We can try a couple of different things. One med is easier on the gut, but you have to give it every 6 hours day and night. You would give the other one every 8 hours so it’s easier to manage especially through the night, but it’s expensive and vomiting is a frequent side effect. Either one will work. Which one do you prefer to try?”

My children’s best doctors talk with me in this manner every time we visit. We each respect the expertise of each other – I respect their medical training, while they respect my knowledge of my child and the way his or her condition behaves in them.

Good doctors ask me questions, listen to me, and work with me to develop a plan that fits our family. They recognize that each patient and family is different, with different challenges and different strengths. They build a team of everyone who has a piece of the puzzle, pulling in specialists, therapists of all kinds, teachers, even and in-home helpers, to create the best plan of care. We all contribute our best to the plan to provide best for the child, and it works (most of the time – when it doesn’t, I know that they’ll listen and work with me to find another way. We work together as a team.

This is how the body of Christ ought to work, too. But….

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Matt Elrod



This season of Survivor, “Redemption Island,” features an openly and blatantly Christian cast member. Matt Elrod is a pre-med student currently living in Nashville who has brought his faith into the game in an unusual way, especially for primetime television.

It’s tough to tell how much is the editing of the show and how much is truly Matt’s unique game play. This season of the show includes a new feature, “Redemption Island,” where each player goes after being voted off the island. They have the opportunity to compete in one last challenge, and if they win, they have a chance to get back in the game. Matt has spent almost the entire game on the island, so this could very well have something to do with how he comes across.

However, as a Christian myself, I have found some of his statements concerning….

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