why hire a consultant?


You already know it – without a strong marketing plan and a team to execute it, your business will fail. But you don’t have time to do the marketing yourself. You are an expert in your area, not marketing, and you’ve got work to do.

You need to hire an expert. Someone who understands that while marketing is simple, it isn’t easy… unless you’re talking about how easy it is to botch. You need someone who will take the time to learn your business’s story and shape it into a message that reflects your values and your personality while also resonating with your ideal future customers.

That’s what marketing is, after all. It’s storytelling. It’s finding your future customers, letting them know you’re there, and showing how your product or service meets one of their needs perfectly.

You can’t afford to lose time figuring out how to tell your business’s story, finding where your ideal customers are, and shaping the story for them. That time and energy would be much better spent on what you do best.

This is where I come in. I am a storyteller at heart. I am passionate about conveying messages in a personal and compelling way. And I don’t waste your time with a lot of song-and-dance fluff.

I make marketing simple.

This marketing stuff comes easy to me, buzz words and all. “Communications planning, social media strategy, community management, messaging development, brand execution…” ALL of it.

Marketing done right tells your story in a memorable way to your ideal customers so you win their trust and their business. 

When you partner with me, I point you towards your best online and offline marketing options so you don’t waste your time or your money. You will navigate all the marketing decisions with confidence, thanks to my down-to-earth style. You and your team can go out there with confidence that your marketing is saying the right things in the right spaces to the right people.

Bottom line – working with me improves your bottom line by bringing in more of the right kind of customers for you.

When we join forces, you gain a partner and teammate who is just as invested in your success as you are.