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A little about Joy

I've been a writer and lover of words since the 2nd grade. though it wasn’t until I discovered professional writing in college that I realized I could actually BE a writer. Turns out, every single industry needs strong communicators. I started as a tech writer in I.T. departments, serving as an interpreter of highly technical jargon for everyday people who needed to use various programs and pieces of equipment.

This ability to translate served me well when Elli, my first child, was born in February of 2000. Elli was born with complex congenital heart defects and suffered a brain injury during her first weeks of life.

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Scott and I are writers and musicians, so being thrown into the world of critical care medicine shook us deeply.

It's impossible to spend any time in an intensive care unit without being permanently changed.

It's impossible to hear the words, "I wish I could say, 'but the news is...' but I can't" without suddenly realizing how much of everyday life is trivial and empty.

In our story, we've become stronger, more grounded, and deeply empathetic for all the sad and scary and overwhelming moments we've experienced. We know that not everyone can honestly say they are better for their traumatic experiences. We've put together a book to share what happened and what we did in hopes that it can encourage someone else to keep going. Keep hoping. Keep trying.

Blogging may not be a thing anymore, but we still enjoy writing now and then, and we've saved a few of our favorite posts from the archives here, as well.


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