I lost my camera (actually, I think it was stolen, but who knows?), and took advantage of the opportunity to upgrade to a digital SLR camera with a manual lens. I’m delighted with the close-ups it takes. Here’s a good example, our first tomato.

Little Girl with the pug we’ve been caring for this spring. They are great friends and the only way we’ve been able to reconcile the idea of giving him back is adopting a puppy of our own. She’s really going to miss him.

Little Boy and his gramma hanging out in the shade while the guys work to build a split-rail fence in our backyard.

Big Boy, Scott, Grampa, and a friend from church building the fence. We are so thankful for the help they gave us.

Little Boy taking a bath in potting soil. Perhaps he thought this would help remove the layer of play sand already caked into his hair?

Oh yes, and a small tweak to the new blog look — I turned off “auto-play” on the playlist. If you want to listen to the music, you’ll need to click the “play” button on the player to the right. I have read that having music automatically start is looked down upon somewhat. My apologies!