When painting Little Girl’s finger- and toe-nails bright pink, Little Boy became very interested in proceedings. To the point of begging, pleading, then insisting on having his toes painted too.

I most certainly did NOT paint my young son’s toenails a (nearly) invisible shade of pink. Not me!

When Little Girl forgot to use the bathroom at home before I took the kids swimming, I did not over-react when she had to go as soon as we got to the pool because of my irrational disgust with pool restrooms (Is this sentence long enough yet?). (Or maybe it isn’t so irrational – I did work as a lifeguard one summer and probably know too much for my own mental health.)

And then I definitely did not start ranting when Little Boy splashed his hands in the water on the floor in front of the toilet Little Girl was using, and then smeared the nasty water all over his face! That crazed-looking mother frantically scrubbing her toddler’s already-sun-screened face with soap while scolding the Little Girl about obeying mommy and germy bathrooms? Absolutely not me. No way.

(And Little Boy did not catch a summer cold within two days of the aforesaid pool incident. No sir-ee. No connection whatsoever.)

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