Big Boy: “Hey Mom! Take our picture with our sunglasses on!” We were taking a break from cleaning up the yard for the big family/friends birthday bash for Little Boy.

While rooting around the attic for more camp chairs, I discovered a tent I thought we had sold. We set it up and about 6 hours later, it started pouring rain. Coincidence? I think not.

Little Boy totally got the blowing-candles-out concept this year. We had to relight his birthday candles three times to get through the Happy Birthday song! He was so cute singing the song to himself that for the first time, I forgot to ache remembering how much Elli loved the song.

We served cake and opened gifts in the late afternoon so the kids could run all the sugar energy off well before bedtime. They of course LOVED having dessert first (and none of the adults seemed to mind a little food rule breaking either!)

Little Boy’s new favorite pastime is taking walks, and this wagon will make them so much more fun! He’s my very consistent early-morning walking-the-dog buddy.