Tonight, as Big Boy was arguing over whether he should take a shower tonight, he stated: “But Mom, I like to be sweaty. It’s like an early shower.”

Little Boy requested “bled pweez bled” after he finished his dinner, so I cut him a piece and buttered it. After saying “Tanksoo” (I’m sad he doesn’t say “git-doo?” anymore), he pulled the center out and left the crusts. But when I snagged one and popped it into my mouth, he protested, “MOMMY! MY bled!”

(When I gave it back, thinking maybe he’d eat it after seeing me do it, he just tossed it back onto his plate. So I took it again, and ate it despite his protests. I dislike wasting food!)

Little Boy also discovered he likes quinoa (KEEN-wuh). That would be quinoa in the photo, all over the table. He had five helpings last night. Then today at lunch he discovered how much fun it is to sprinkle on the table and roll around.

On a more serious note, Big Boy asked why we go to church. He has also shared with Scott that he’s afraid of dying and going to the wrong place. He didn’t pursue it much further though.

Then, yesterday, he came up to me and said, “Mom? I was going to write this to talk to you about, but I’ll just talk to you now. You shouldn’t be sad about Elli. You have us! She is happy and talking and making friends. So you shouldn’t be sad about Elli. You have us.”

Big Boy has clearly been doing a lot of thinking.