Numerous people have sent me links over the past few weeks, and I wanted to share a few that really resonated with me.

Marybeth Chapman, mother to Maria and wife of Stephen Curtis Chapman, on the 17 months since they lost Maria in a tragic accident.

Carrien at “She Laughs At the Days,” mother of several young children. She wrote “Confessions” very aptly describing the wrestling match between a mother’s exhausted body and the irresistible passage of time.

Another by Carrien entitled “Bra Shopping 101 with Toddler” — hilarious, especially since I’ve had several similar experiences lately.

This series of posts by Jennifer, aka “McMama,” on her current situation with Stellan, a one-year-old born with a lethal heart rhythm problem, currently inĀ  Boston for a very risky procedure. Read “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” first, then read “Cyclical” — this is so typical of me in a stressful time.