My toddler has discovered that by pushing a lever on the front of our refrigerator, he can make ice or water rain down. Every time I forget to lock out the rain, he reminds me. Aren’t toddlers amazing?

Today, he filled a cup with water, then spilled half of it all over the floor leaning over to inspect the spill he made dispensing the water in the first place.

For once, by God’s grace, I chose to respond kindly. Patiently. Like a mother should.

I got up from what I was doing and showed him how to mop up his spill with a towel. Then his sister and I mopped up the rest. And, I chose to be thankful for the opportunity to wet-mop the kitchen floor.

My son gave his mother a hug instead of running in fear from an impatiently snapping woman.

Today I’m unwrapping patience. Choosing to respond quietly and kindly to my children and their childishness instead of seeing them as an annoyance and an impediment to having a smooth and easy day.

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