When I was in high school, I participated in a church-sponsored activity called Bible quizzing. We spent a year studying and memorizing books of the Bible. Each quarter, we attended “quiz-offs” where we would compete with other teams of students answering questions quickly and accurately. During those years, I memorized huge sections of Luke, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Titus, Philemon, and Jude. I can’t quote them now, sadly. But, I did it… once.

In college, I’ll never forget hearing a young woman recite one of the shorter epistles (I can’t remember which one). She spoke those words with expression, not in the chant or sing-song voice that most people use when reciting. It was powerful to hear the entire flow of the book spoken so clearly, without seeing or vocalizing the verse and chapter breaks. But I told myself I didn’t have time to do that myself.

Then last week, I listened to a podcast in which the preacher recited, again with expression, the entire book of Philippians. Hearing the entire book from start to finish (it took about twenty minutes) made so much more sense than reading it in small, bite-sized pieces.

I decided that I need to attempt memorizing again. I’ve chosen Philippians for three reasons:
1) because so much of it speaks to my current struggles,
2) because I’ve memorized so much of it before so I think will be easier than a less-familiar book, and
3) because it’s short…ish.

I’ll post each section I’m working on each week (one paragraph at a time), and then, if I can figure it out, I’ll share a video update (I think that’s called a vlog!) once a month. 

Will you join me?

If not, will you at least check in and ask me how it’s going?