If you’re like me, you’re trying to squeeze memorizing time in between wiping drippy noses and helping little ones with aching tummies. We’ve had a couple kids down with various germs the past week, and I’ve personally felt like I was on the verge of the tummy one for days.

So I haven’t made any progress at all memorizing the next four verses of Philippians 1.(I told you I’d be honest about this, right?)

I’m a bit discouraged. One part of me whispers, “Maybe this isn’t the right time for this project. Maybe you should wait until things settle down.” But then the other part of me retorts, “There’s never a right time, and things won’t ever settle down! Keep at it!”

So I’m going to try, again, to get verses 19-23 down this week.

How far have you gotten? What challenges are you facing to getting through chapter 1?

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