Thanks to the generosity of Elizabeth Esther, bloggers gather at her blog on the first of the month to share their latest and greatest blog posts. This month we’re featuring posts from FEBRUARY, 2010! Be sure to visit her site to visit the other bloggers’ favorite posts of the month. It’s a great way to find fabulous new blogs to follow.

February was one of those months. My oldest daughter would have turned ten, but instead we were celebrating a second birthday without her (for new visitors, Ellie passed away in the fall of 2008). Because of the weather, we were stuck inside more than usual, so I wrote a lot. So I hope you’ll indulge me as I list my top 3 posts from February.

1. Light Reborn “I had expected this dramatic outpouring of emotion when I laid eyes on my firstborn child. Instead, I felt awkward and shy and even a little detached. Looking back, I’ve always wondered if that detachment was some sort of premonition.”
2. Banishing the Angry Mommy – “Just a few short months ago / He drew an angry mommy / And a crying boy / Handed the picture to me silently”

3. Embracing the Process – Written for the One-Word Blog Carnival on Patience. “Same thing when I actually become aware of, and face honestly, a failing in my life. I want it fixed now. I want to take a class, or perform an amputation, or pop a pill, and race onward in victory with nary a sweat bead.”

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