Some of my college friends are missionaries in Santiago. They woke up at 3am on Sunday to their house pitching and shaking. Praise God, they got out safely with their children and their house itself remained standing. However, this is Day 3 without electricity. Grocery stores are empty. Phones are down. They have asked us to pray for their children, because the aftershocks and the darkness really has them scared.

Our power has gone out for a few hours here and there the last few months. Winter months. The dark is longer and the cold is deeper. I’m disconnected from everyone without telephone or internet. It showed me just how much I take for granted, and just how much my mood is tied to circumstances like climate controls and light-on-demand.

Today I’m praying for our friends, their church family, and the millions of others trying to rebuild their lives and minister to others in earthquake-rattled areas of the world, including Haiti, Chile, and Pakistan. And I’m taking time to notice and thank God for the conveniences he has blessed us with today: electricity to warm and light my home, a grocery store stocked with food, connections to the outside world.

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