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Daring to Take the “What If” Challenge

Have you found the Faith Barista‘s blog? Her writing is solid, spiritually challenging, and honest– three characteristics of writing that I value highly. She wrote two excellent posts this week that hit me straight between the eyes. Funny how God does that, isn’t it? It’s been happening over and over — in Sunday sermons, small group Bible studies, my personal Bible reading, and blogs

Anyway, before you keep reading here, please go read “The Tipping Point: Why We Watch American Idol” (don’t be put off by the title — it isn’t much about the TV show) and “Take the ‘What If’ Challenge.” If you don’t, this post won’t make a lot of sense.

It’s ok. I’ll wait.

Did you read them both? Seriously. You need to.

Ok, good.

So the five questions in “The Tipping Point?” They are so similar to the things I wrote down in answer to the “what’s holding you back?” question posed to me last week. Eerily similar, in fact.

Then I read the challenge to ask yourself five “what if” questions, follow through on one, and report back next week.



*deep breath*

Ok, I’ll bite. If I’ve already identified all these things that are holding me back, I’m miserable, and know something’s wrong, why would I not? Do something, already!

Will you do it too?

I picked these five ‘What If’ questions this week:

1. What if I give up trying to control my life and acknowledge to myself and God that They’re really in control…of everything…take myself off Their throne? What would that look like?
2. What if I stop working (at an outside job) for awhile?
3. What if I stop making decisions based on what everyone else thinks (which is actually paralyzing since no-one agrees on anything)?
4. What if I finish writing Ellie’s story (I started writing it in the fall)?
5. What if I accept God’s forgiveness for everything and shed the guilt I’ve been carting around?*

What is holding you back from growing? What what-if questions are you asking yourself? Will you try one and let me know how it goes? I’ll share what happened next week.

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