I’ve read a number of bloggers who have chosen themes or goals for the year. These are usually personal improvement or character-building things like “grow closer to God” and “get more organized.”

It became clear this winter, in the pit of depression, that I needed to take on a life-change project too: to fashion a simpler life for myself and by association, my family.

My natural tendency is to do everything, get totally stressed out, sink into a bad attitude making me unable to enjoy any of it, drag to the finish line half-dead, do nothing for a few days, repeat.

This isn’t healthy for me, or for my family who I drag through this cycle over and over.

So this year, as part of the process of putting things back together in healthier ways, my plan includes:
…be deliberate and thoughtful about commitments.
…get my husband’s council about commitments before I make them.
…get out of something before I get overwhelmed when I find it’s too much.
…stop being concerned about what other people think (much of what drives me is a tendency to people-please) and focus on what my husband and I determine to be best for our family.
…slow down enough to actually enjoy the moments in the moments.

Our spring break was a first fledgling step towards simpler living.

It was mostly good, once I adjusted my expectations. Just because we were simplifying didn’t mean the kids wouldn’t still be kids, making messes, fighting selfishly over toys, and disrespecting their parents.

Just two more months til the big test… summer, in which for the first time in four years, I will not be working (I’m taking a few months of personal leave to try to get things together here at home).

Let’s pray all the family togetherness doesn’t backfire, shall we?

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