Ultimate Blog Party 2010

This is my very first Ultimate Blog Party! Be sure to visit their site to find other blogs and join in the fun!

I’m not a big party girl, so I thought I’d invite you to sit a spell, kick off your shoes, and chat-chat for a few minutes before you head to the next happenin’ place.Think of it as a power-nap to keep you going strong on your tour of all the blogs!

Do you like my view? I’m an outdoors, by the water kind of girl. Ever notice how there’s always a breeze blowing by the water? It blows my worry and stress away. Heaven knows we’ve had lots of that in our family. I have four children, two of whom have spent significant time in hospitals. Let me tell you, spending time outside becomes a priceless treasure when you’ve lived for weeks smelling nothing but sterile air and disinfecting soap.

Aside from sitting at waters’ edge, my favorite place to chill is that hammock under the tree, where I like to read, stare at the clouds, and just be quiet. Finding quiet in my house is next to impossible — the only other place to go is the shower.

A lot of my thinking ends up in writing, on my blog. I lost a child a year and a half ago, so sometimes these thoughts dive deep. Of course, with three young kids in the house, I slog through the usual the usual staples of motherhood: How do I end up with so many orphan socks every week? What’s the best way to remove glitter paint from a dining room table? How does one go about transferring a gigantic bumble bee from a kids’ bedroom to the Great Outdoors without getting stung?

Ok, less talking, more thinking. What does this cloud look like to you?

I see a bunny. With a rat-like nose.

How about a snack before you go? A little pick-me-up for the road? My kids were in charge of food today. I made sure they washed their hands. We won’t talk about the knife-licking incident. Or the sneezing.

smiley sandwich

Going so soon? Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you back again soon. Don’t forget to follow me, join Google Friend Connect (see the box on the right sidebar), and join my Facebook fan page. The next blog in the party is through the woods to your right. Have fun!


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