My daughter and I attended a women’s lunch together this past weekend. As soon as she heard the announcement, a few months ago, she asked if we could please go together.

The lunch was the same afternoon as her dance recital dress rehearsal, so it was a full weekend of girl-focused activities.

We had to do her hair and makeup before the lunch (hence her appearance — I don’t normally make her up like Jon Benet Ramsey!). Then my mom, sister, daughter and I braved drenching rains to spend some time with our friends. I was asked to judge a dessert contest, which was a terrible burden to bear indeed.

Then we left a little early to get my girl to the stage in time for her piece. She had no stage fright at all, so she thoroughly enjoyed both the rehearsal and the recital the next afternoon. We did her hair and makeup all over again, and this time brought her brothers and dad.

With two brothers, my girl doesn’t get a chance to revel in feminine things often. As we walked to the car, her bouquet of flowers from dad held proudly, she announced to me, “I wish we had a recital every day!!!” So she and I really enjoyed ourselves this past weekend. The boys… well, let’s just say it was a character-building experience. And they did rise to the occasion (for the most part – my husband did manage to sneak in a nice nap while sitting in the dark in the balcony of the theater).