I love to explore
try new things
sample new foods
visit places I’ve never been before

exploring is fun to do alone
I spent a summer in New York City while in college
(where I didn’t spend all my time exploring alone –
that’s the summer my husband and I realized we wanted to get married
…but that’s another story)

I wandered San Fransisco, joyfully spontaneous for a day,
while my husband sat in meetings

but my favorite way to explore is with my husband
I mentioned previously that we took some time away to think and rest

so we set off to explore a new city.
it. was. great.
we found the largest indoor market in country.

strolled through summer-bright aisles of vegetables
smelling of earth and fresh-picked

prowled among vendor booths
discovered the exotic and unusual

rainbow array of lentils ~ paprika bacon ~ goat meat
head cheese (I half-expected to find haggis)


we finally found this
tucked cozy in a corner
looking innocent

handmade candy – oh the candy
I’m not sure I’ll ever recover from the sight of these beauties
(notice I did not say “taste”)

this market housed the best of the best.
I just wanted to set up a cot next to the bread maker.
(I have a weakness for bread.)
I was inspired to explore the market in our own city
find a way to bring our adventure home
include our children
Isn’t that the best kind of adventure? 
the kind you share?
What kind of adventure do you enjoy? Who do you like to explore with?
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