yellow rose with anniversary card

The card reads “I Still Forever Do.”

The dozen roses for our dozen years are sunrise yellow
with edges dipped in sunset orange…
just like the late September leaves of our late September wedding.

Twelve years of marriage celebrated simple.

Worship together before our Lord.

Pray and study the Bible with a small group of our friends

Dinner without the kids after work the next evening.

Holding hands.

Kissing long and slow.

Smiling knowingly over long-standing jokes about ketchup and who is the luckiest.

Sharing how God is transforming us, confessing sins, forgiving one another.

Loving the other exponentially more than we ever dreamed possible.

It’s just another day.
But a day we remember.
A day we give thanks for sustaining grace through heart-breaking news,
disappointment, financial difficulties, frustrations of parenting, mourning.

It is only by and through God that we are closer
to Him and each other today
than we were a dozen years ago.

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