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Four Tips for Memorizing Scripture (part 2)

Last week I started a series of ideas for making memorizing verses of the Bible easier, more fun, more effective. I’ve got four more for you this week.

Start with the easy.

Some passages are easier to remember than others, so I recommend that you start with an easier one before diving into a more complicated or longer one. This is what I found with my Philippians project. I started waaaay too difficult. So I’m choosing shorter passages and will work my way up. You can build up your confidence and find which techniques work best for you by trying easier passages first. Psalm 1 and the Sermon on the Mount would be good places to start (if you’re looking for more than 1-2 verses).


If you tend to burnout on things (and I’ll be the first admit that I do!), take that into account. Don’t be afraid to tackle a tougher passage, but then, once you’ve mastered it, give your brain a break and do an easier one next.

Anchor memorable associations in chapters.

Find word pictures in the passages and memorize their sequence. The more senses you bring in, the better you will remember. Word pictures help especially when memorizing chapters and large chunks. They can help orient you on a larger scale.

cookies and philippians

Example of a cheat sheet I created for Philippians 1 - first letter of each word.

Cheat a little.

Once you’ve absorbed some verses, it’s ok to keep a cheat sheet nearby. You can use key words, section headings, or other little things to help you remember as you try to retain that section. The idea is to internalize the Word, not be word-perfect.

I hope that these tips give you some more ideas as you build Scripture memory into your daily routines. I’m currently working on Ephesians 6:14-18. This is the armor of God, and it is turning out to be a tricky list of things for me. But it’s something I want to review each morning as I prepare for the day, so I’m sticking at it.

You will find the last two posts of this series here: Part Three and Part Four.

What are you memorizing right now?

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