thanksgivingWhy do so many have their underwear in a wad about the increasing numbers of people and businesses wishing people a happy holiday or expressing season’s greetings in December?

When you wish someone a happy holiday, you are talking to them, right? It’s about their holiday.

It would be ignorant to wish a Canadian a happy Thanksgiving on November 25 when they celebrate Thanksgiving on October 11.

It’s incongruous to wish a Brit a happy Independence Day. After all, that holiday celebrates our escape from British rule. Right?


We live in a country with people who follow a variety of faiths, nearly all of which celebrate a holiday in December.¬†I celebrate Christmas, but I have friends who celebrate Hanukkah, Eid, Solstice, and Kwanzaa. If I’m wishing them a happy holiday, it’s about their holiday, not mine.

We can no longer assume everyone in the United States is Christian. And I disagree that this is a bad thing (but that’s another topic for another blog post). Given that reality, we can’t just ignore the holidays altogether — that would be weird. Yet it seems inappropriate to wish my Jewish and Muslim¬†friends a Merry Christmas when I know they celebrate other holidays. When I don’t know for sure, I have no problem saying “happy holidays!” And I don’t mind at all when someone wishes me a happy holiday, too.

It isn’t about me, it’s about them.

Happy Holidays, friends!