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Involuntary Hiatus & Favorite Posts

I didn’t intend to go this many days without writing.

I seem to have contracted some interminable virus, probably picked up while at the hospital with our youngest two weeks ago. I’ve been coughing ever since. Translated, that means I’m barely keeping up with the work around the house, much less writing anything coherent. I actually crawled into bed before 8pm last night and slept a solid 11 hours. That’s unheard of.

Instead of trying to make water come from a rock, I’m going to steal an idea from ScaryMommy, ThetaMom, and Big Mama 24/7, and share my favorite posts I wrote in 2010. Lists are easier than whole new posts… sort of.

January What Heart Surgery Taught Me about Myself, Pain, and God Thoughts on why we can’t understand why God sometimes allows pain.

February – Light Reborn Celebrating Ellie and her life on what would have been her tenth birthday.

March – One of THOSE Days It’s incredible how much mischief children can cram into five hours.

April – The Wrong God A turning point in my turbulent faith journey.

May – How Potty-Training Will Earn Me a Caribbean Cruise in which I prove myself an accurate prophetess. (Laugh. It’s a joke.) Now, where did I put those cruise tickets?

June – Baring It All (Or Why I’m Not the Typical Fox-News-Watching Christian Mom) This post won the ThetaMom writing contest and was featured as a BlogHer Voice of the Week. I also caught a lot of flak, but the best posts strike nerves and make people think.

July – The Great Campus Security Maxi-Pad Caper After all the deep vulnurable writing in June, I needed to laugh and wrote this guest post on “Nurse’sNotes.”

August – Letters to the Wounded from the Wounded Ann Voskamp wrote a beautiful post in July “maybe the dark depths of us really long for the filling of a wounded, weeping God who doesn’t write answers in the stars but writes His ardency in our scars. With His scars.” This post is my response, another major milestone in my faith journey.

September – I didn’t find any favorites from September, so you get another August post: Sometimes Girls Just Want to Be Looked At. Men do have responsibility to control their thoughts and lusts.

October – Hello My Daughter Died My husband’s guest-post on the second anniversary of our daugher’s home-going.

November – Depression Is a Bad Boyfriend How does one break up with depression?

December – Sorrow Is Part of Christmas God knows what it’s like to watch a son suffer.

What was your favorite post, either of your own or of any that you read this year? I’d love to read it, so please share the link in the comments!

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