wedding cake and a kiss

Thirteen years ago, I said “yes” on a bridge spanning an ice-framed creek. He had created a scavenger hunt of sorts. I was searching for Box #3 when he emerged from the creek bank with the box and a question I’d dreamed of for many years.

We couldn’t imagine loving each other more than we did that moment.

When we exchanged vows five months later, I thought I could never be happier.

I was wrong.

I wouldn’t know until I experienced:

the blessing of being loved and forgiven when I wronged him.

…the heart-bursting joy of meeting each baby, slippery and protesting the light and the cold, for the first time.

…the bitter-sweetness of sobbing together in the face of the news that our newborn was on the edge of death, instead of throwing walls up and becoming islands.

the way we’d draw on each other for strength as we walked the hard road of caring for our sick little girl

…the paradoxical love of seeing him risk my wrath by challenging me when I am wrong, selfish, or out of control.

the new depths of connection built when, after sharing new bits of me long hidden away, he simply replied, “I love you, Joy.”

the pleasure and healing of still finding each other funny and laughing together.

…the confidence we would instill in each other with advice and encouragement to build on the strengths God has given each of us.

Marriage has been far more complex, challenging, painful, and beautiful than I thought possible.

I love you, Scott..

Linked up to the Faith Barista’s Faith Jam February series, “Unwrapping Love.”


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