If you’re like a lot of us, you’ve thought about the chemicals and preservatives in today’s products and wondered two things: should you try to find products with little or none of those ingredients? Can you afford more natural products?

One of my blog advertisers, Miss Selby’s Soap, provides excellent natural soaps and bath products at a price that a normal person can afford.

New Products

Miss Selby recently released the cutest bath fizzies I’ve ever seen. Check out this cupcake bath bomb.

cupcake bath bombIt’s a bath fizzy with a whipped soap (and sprinkles!) on top. Drop it into your bath water for a refreshing bath, and the whipped soap floats in the water waiting for you. (Remember Ivory Soap — It Floats?) Have you ever seen anything so cute?

In my recent order, I received one of her newest bar soap flavors — coffee. Oh my goodness. Look at it!

coffee bean soap

She put whipped cream soap on top! It smells like a coffee shop, which means I love using it in my morning shower to wake up.

March Madness Special

Don’t miss this month’s special. Miss Selby has put together a March Mayhem basket. Whenever you order 8 soaps and 4 bath bombs, she packages your order into a sweet Selby basket before shipping. What a beautiful way to keep your soaps together! (Click the link to view the March Mayhem basket.)

Don’t forget to use the coupon code “joy” for 10% off your order.


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