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Running for President and 1000 Gifts

We’re preparing for one of those weeks you hope comes around once every 6 months or less. We have a series of fun events all scheduled within the same 7 day period.

And setting up this exceptionally busy week? Daylight Savings Time, or as I like to refer to it, messing around with people’s sleep cycles for no reason. It takes me a good week to adjust, even though it’s just an hour. I have yet to hear a reasonable argument for changing my clocks twice a year. Can we please just pick a time, and stick with it? I don’t care when 7am is, just please don’t change it on me.

I am so fed up with DST that I announced my candidacy for President this morning on Twitter. A gal immediately volunteered to be my campaign manager, and when she presented me with our campaign slogan, “Doesn’t America deserve that hour back?” I hired her.

I’ll see you in Iowa.

Ok , jesting aside, I do have many things to be thankful for, especially in light of the suffering in Japan we witnessed this week.


146. Friends who help us find what we’re looking for at the right price

147. A son who won’t let me leave his room without giving him a hug and a kiss goodnight

148. Family pizza and movie night

149. Making eyes at my husband from behind my goggles during family swim at the indoor pool

150. Sunshine and going without a coat

151. The swirl of muddy water running down the driveway and off the rugs just scrubbed

152. A visit from a friend and hearing the way God is moving in his life all the way across the Atlantic Ocean

153. Hand-delivered Swiss chocolate

154. “Farewell and Best Wishes” cake

155. A new, empty journal

156. Progress on a secret birthday project for my girl

157. The faithful prayers of good friends as I attempt a major change

158. A drawer full of fresh fruit

159. “Oooo, that’s my favorite” from the youngest boy every time I say what I’m making for dinner

160. An hour reading books and playing with six of the cutest little ones outside our family

What are some of your gifts from the last week? Would you vote for me for President on my single-issue platform?


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