Continuing my Monday practice of counting gifts, a few blessings from the past week.

My thanks are mingled with tears… we received news that the dearly-loved husband and father of some of our friends passed away, and the very-young daughter and grand-daughter of another friend has begun her battle with a rare form of cancer.


farewell cake

174. Clocking out for the last time

175. Sweet farewells from well-wishing friends

176. Shopping with at Batman-costumed preschooler

177. The joy the afore-said Batman-costumed preschooler brought to random strangers at the store

178. New for-fun books to add to the pile on my nightstand (and giggles at the husband’s warning of impending collapse)


179. Spring break with the kids

180. Empty calendar squares

181. First paying-job as a freelance writer

182. Completed birthday quilt

finished quilt

183. The delight of the birthday girl to make her bed with the new quilt and pillowcases

184. Letters notifying us of medical coverage we didn’t expect to have this year (thank you God for this financial blessing!)

185. Fully-weaned from an anti-depressant, and still doing well

186. Church anniversary celebrations

187. New friends

188. New shoes


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