This weeks’ Faith Jam topic is very broad — share something new you’re learning in your walk with Jesus. I immediately thought of “hesed.” Rather than write something new, I thought I’d share a story I wrote about hesed for Deeper Story last week.

HeartBroken-Tears are the Baptism of Soulphoto © 2006 Anil kumar | more info (via: Wylio)She propped herself on two pillows, reading lamp silhouetting her hair against her knees. She swiped away the tears blurring the pattern of stitches on her bedspread, then buried her face in it.

“I am a terrible person. Broken and unfixable. I… I said I loved you, but then… I ran off.”

Her pain poured out in jerking wrenching sobs. “I betrayed you. I’m so sorry.”

He waited until she quieted.

“I know.” His voice was low, quiet.

Her voice had poured out all wet and soaked into the bed, so the words crept out in a whisper. “But I gave myself to you. I promised. And then I broke it. I gave myself away and now it’s destroyed.”

…continued on Deeper Story – click to read the rest.



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