A couple of weeks ago, I noticed many of the people I follow on Twitter talking about something called five-minute Friday. I discovered that Lisa-Jo, or The Gypsy Mama, hosts a writing theme every Friday in which you write for 5 minutes flat just for the love of the written word — no editing or laboring over the details — and then publish. By Friday, I am all “writed out” as my three-year-old would say, so a five minute writing theme is just perfect. A little scary (because I labor over posts and always edit), but perfect nonetheless.

This week’s writing prompt is “If You Met Me.”

Here goes. (I must admit how difficult it was for me to let this stay as it is!)



joy and our dogIf You Met Me


…I would smile and try very hard to remember your name, but I probably wouldn’t.


…I would be afraid to get too deep into my story right away. It’s a scary story, a sad story, and not exactly fitting for a light chit-chat. So I would ask you a lot of questions about yourself. Try to keep the conversation focused on you, and not me. My story can wait. It took eleven years to get to this point, another day or two won’t hurt anything.


…You wouldn’t see the gaping wound in my heart where 1/6 of my family is absent. But it would be there, throbbing, as it always does when I meet new people who don’t know that she is gone.


…We’d be interrupted constantly by my chatterbox children, and we’d laugh a lot at the crazy things that come out of their mouths. They keep me from being too serious and too sad. They are a gift from God.


…You might walk away thinking I have it all together and never second-guess myself, my faith, or anyone else. But you’d be wrong.


But all that that can wait til next time.



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