I joined Ann Voskamp’s Gratitude Community at the beginning of 2011. On Mondays, we share what we’ve discovered as we’ve counted blessings throughout the week. Not only have I discovered more of life in each moment, I’ve found myself slowing down to soak up the beauty around me, things I have been running too fast to enjoy, or even notice, before.

80th birthday cake

189. Surprise 80th birthday parties

190. Sunlight pouring through openings in the clouds

rays of sun pouring through clouds

191. Gray-defying spring green spreading across the cow pasture

192. Cheery bobbing heads of chickens feasting free in the field

193. A blazing pink orange sunset pointing the way home


194. Little Boy breaking into his Daffy Duck impersonation and spluttering at his aunt, “I can’t hug you when I’m talkin’ like thish.”

195. Wind- and sun-chapped cheeks – it was finally warm enough to play outside!

196. First full week without sick-to-my-stomach stress. Ahhh.

197. New recipes.

198. Mostly-rave reviews of those new recipes

199. Tire-swinging by the rivergirl in tire swing

200. The awed silence settling on a rowdy bunch of high school students during a planetarium show about our universe

201. My son’s eagerness to work, earn money, and save for a big “toy”

202. The sweet-tart Hawaiian honeymoon memories bursting out of fresh pineapple

203. A double-date farewell dinner with dear friends

Do you want to join in? Start counting, on your computer or in a journal or on random scraps of paper. It’s like seeing for the first time.


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