It’s spring, with all the violent fickle weather that comes with a changing season. We are thankful we were spared the violent storms that hit the south this weekend, but we did have our share of rain and wind. Despite the ups and downs, we were still able to enjoy some nice days and always, we find gifts from God sprinkled about.

219. Tree branches heavy with snow-white blossoms

220. Little Girl’s delight at discovering a tulip bud ripe to open

221. Sizzling eggs in the frying pan

222. Yellow (!) carrots (who knew?)

223. Laughing at inside jokes with my husband

224. “This is very good” from my beloved after he tasted a bite of a new dinner

225. Setting up the hammock

226. Feeding some bread to the ducks, then nibbling a bite, no matter how stale the bread was

227. Exploring the woods and picking paths to follow on a whim

228. Little Girls’ request to hike again

229. Making plans and preparations to go camping with the kids

230. Ice cream in cones

231. Bare feet on soft spring grass after months in socks and boots

232. First sunburns

233. Big Boy’s love of books

234. Little Girls’ discriminating ear, hearing rhymes

235. Showers of flower petals like snow on a bright warm spring day

236. Vegetables already growing in the garden! It was like winning the garden lottery!

237. Kind words of appreciation from friends and colleagues at the hospital


238. Little Boy’s gift of the one lone tulip snapped off and handed to me with his brightest smile

239. This prayer from a book I reviewed last week: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Praying this prayer has helped distill chaotic moments down to what’s really important.

240. A new book to read!


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