I’ve been counting gifts this year (I typically share these on Mondays, but this week I had no post in me the first day after Holy Week), seeking the little ways God shows himself good in the every day. Today, Bonnie (who blogs at The Faith Barista) asked us to share a photo journal of the things that bring us joy. I enjoyed putting together a few pictures of these little gifts.


us on a rare date nightThis man loves me at my best, my worst, my most un-live-with-able.
He is funny and wise, loves God and his family, knowing when to be light and when to be serious.
I’ll let you in on a secret: I could stand to be light far more.


The silliness of my children gets me laughing better than almost anything else (except my husband, but we’ve already discussed that).


They are quite good at silliness…


…as you can see…


…each one in their own unique way.


stack of booksBooks, reading, writing, words… these things bring me joy.


Creation – the gardens, flowers, vegetables…


mountains, rivers, forests, oceans. I love to soak up the beauty of the earth because I feel close to God in the presence of natural beauty.


What about you? What brings you joy?




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