restore unity

My contribution for the Rally to Restore Unity
(you’ll find actually funny signs there)

If unity isn’t your schtick, Mason Slater has launched the March to Keep Disunity Alive (“because calling names is easier than rational discussion”). Jonathan Sigmon has initiated a Rally to Maintain Division (“I’m a conservative. You’re a liberal. Let’s yell at each other” cracked me up.)

I was all set to post something for the unity rally. But then my Facebook and Twitter feeds erupted, spewing venom over the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Add to that how indignant I still am about the assinine statements about women made one of the “pastors” highlighted in a recent 20/20 documentary about patriarchal churches. If watching/listening is too much for you — I can’t listen to it one more time — the gist of it is that “it will be a cold day in hell when Pastor Jack Schaap (of First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, aka “Church of the Men’s Locker Room”) gets his theology from a woman,” and he’s glad he’s a man.

Apparently Mary’s role in Jesus’s birth is irrelevant, and a man isn’t actually genuinely saved if his wife leads him to faith.

I’ve decided to throw my lot in with both disunity rallies.

thank God I'm a woman

Have you joined the Rally to Restore Unity or the counter-rallies? What would your sign read?


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