It’s summer and we’re finding a new everyday. I haven’t found it yet. While I have many fabulous ideas, I struggle to follow through with them. I’m quite happy to drift rough summer slowly and whimsically, but I have three children who don’t prefer life so slow and random. I’m seeking a compromise — less structure but enough plans to keep them focused (and hopefully reduce whining to a minimum).

kids playing280. Outdoor play!

waffles and strawberries281. Fresh strawberries on homemade waffles

rose282. Flood of roses in my front yard

hammock283. Precious moments on the hammock

284. Forgiveness and hugs after resolving misunderstandings

285. The latest -isms from my youngest, such as “daddy, your weeds are growing back on your face.”

286. Kids who have mastered swimming.

287. Visits to the pool more relaxing for mommy.

288. New books

289. Time to read

290. Time to write (albeit in tiny snippets of time)


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