I’m just a wee bit excited today. Why you ask? (Ok, maybe you didn’t ask, but I’m going to pretend that you did and go ahead and answer. You’re welcome.)

First, my post “Can a Confessed Murdered get a Second Chance?” is being highlighted on BlogHer.com today. You can join me in either place for a discussion about Casey Anthony, child murderers, and second chances. If you like it, I’d be delighted if you’d share it on Facebook or Twitter, too.

Second, the freelance writing business I launched this spring, Words by JB, has really taken off. I have a steady stream of projects coming in. (Need writing services? I am currently accepting projects for October. Contact me for details.) Yay for earning money doing what I love most!

Finally, I am working on an idea for a book-length project. I figure if I mention it, I have to follow through because you’ll check in and ask me how it’s going. Right???

With all of these exciting developments, I’ve discovered the practical limits of time. To preserve everyone’s sanity, my writing quality, and our family time, I’ve decided to slow down my posting schedule here from Monday thru Friday to every other week day (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Good writing takes time, at least for me. I refuse to throw up half-baked posts for the sake of posting every day. Plus if you’re like me, you’re having trouble keeping up with everyone’s blogs. Less frequent posts makes it easier to keep up.

I’m also open to your guest posts and to doing blog swaps, so email me if you’ve written something you’d like to have considered. My contact information is at the top of my blog.


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