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One Thing, Famine No More, and a Link-Up Tutorial

As I posted yesterday, I’m cohosting a link-up here, at World Vision’s blog, to benefit Famine No More, a fund to bring food and water to the victims of east Africa’s famine.

Famine no moreIt occurred to me that perhaps some of you are wondering what this link-up thing is, anyway. I’m happy to help.

What’s a link-up?

It’s a way to collect posts on a theme in one place so it’s easy to visit them all. The One Thing link-up lists blogs with posts about the One Thing fundraising campaign — what one thing will you give up to donate $10 to the Famine No More fund?

How do I join?

If you have a blog, you write a quick post about the campaign. Then you go to this post, scroll down to this button, and click”Add  your link.”linkup1

In the next window, fill in the boxes with your name or blog name, email address, and the link to your specific post (not just www.[yourblogname].com, but the whole entire link to your one thing post).linkup2

Click “Next Step!”

Select the image you want to display with your blog link.linkup3

Click “Select” or “Crop.” You’ll want to crop if your image is not a square shape already. If you select “Crop,” you can choose exactly which part of the image shows, then click “Crop selected area.” If you click “Select,” the system will choose for you.

You should return to the original page and see your link in the list.

What if I don’t have a blog?

If you don’t have a blog, you can usually respond to the prompt in the comments of the blog. For example, you can tell us about your one thing in the comments on the World Vision blog, or here on mine.

One Thing Link-Up Details

Bloggers, you can link up any time this week. Everyone, go to my post at World Vision, read some of the posts in the link-up to get ideas, and pick your one thing. Instead of spending money on that one thing, text in your $10 donation to “FAMINE” to “20222” and join World Vision in fighting hunger in the Horn of Africa. You can text up to three times, or if you prefer to donate online, go here,  select your amount (note the last option is “other” in case you want to donate $10 but can’t text), and click “Donate Now.”

I shared our family’s one thing (except it’s actually more than one thing so we can keep donating each month through the rest of this year) here.

Help us spread the word and save lives. Share the post and the text-to-donate campaign on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


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