My husband’s favorite analogy for my approach to social media is cock-fighting. He likes to call me “the female Michael Vick of the blogosphere.” When I post something particularly controversial, he launches into his impression of me and snipes, “Kill Whitey! Discuss!”

'Cocks fighting' photo (c) 2008, Nguyen Thanh Long - license:

I must protest. Sure, I love to throw bait out, like “What do you think about a church allowing a small group Bible study to meet in a pub?” and watch the number of comments on my Facebook status explode. I don’t have to feed that fire – all I do is strike the match.

But I don’t do it just for fun.

Click here to read the rest on Rachel Held Evans’s blog, where I’m guest-posting today. I really enjoyed developing a friendship and talking theology with Rachel during our week in Bolivia. I’m sure it’s no surprise to you regular readers that I love to talk about faith, not just write about it. It was such a treat to meet women on that trip who love that kind of conversation as much as I do. It is a real privilege to write for her blog today. Thank you, Rachel!

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