saturday evening blog post

Today I’m joining Elizabeth Esther’s monthly link-up “The Saturday Evening Blog Post.” It’s a chance to highlight our favorite post from the previous month. Since we were in Bolivia on the first Saturday of August, she skipped it last month. So today, everyone is highlighting a post from July and from August.

My favorite post in July was “Baal, Prophetesses, Whores, and the Poor.” “It’s clear that God considers the worst fallout from pagan idol worship and abandoning their worship of the One True God to be greed, gluttony, and callous treatment of the poor. This was even more offensive to God than the sex-and-religion orgies they participated in.

It’s tough for me to pick just one post for August. I love all the ones I wrote in and for Bolivia. But the most popular ones by far were “Can a Confessed Murderer Get a Second Chance?” (which was syndicated on BlogHer) and “A Fearful Metamorphosis.”

If you’re a blogger, stop by Elizabeth’s blog and link up your favorite posts from the last two months. If you aren’t, check out the best of the best linked at her place. It’s a great way to find new writers.


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