pile of laundryempty roll of toilet paper
baskets of stuff

Every once in awhile, my words run out. The last few days I’ve poured them out spoken and written. Today, I find myself empty, resting, waiting on the refilling that always comes. So for today’s life: unmasked, I’ll just share a few photos of real life.

Welcome to life: unmasked, a blog link-up encouraging us to get real, take off our masks, and show how we are finding God (or how God is finding us) in our mess.

Will you join us?

It’s very simple. Write a post (or make a photo or video post like I did this week — be creative!). Grab the life: unmasked graphic (copy the code for it from my left sidebar) for your post. Next, share the link to your specific post (not just the general link to your blog) in the linky tool below, or if you don’t blog, share your story in the comments.

Please visit at least one other post (maybe the one directly in front of you in the linky-list?), and leave them an encouraging comment. Let’s build an unmasked community, a safe place to be real with one another.