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Denial | Life: unmasked

life: unmaskedI’m flying to Pennsylvania tomorrow.

I agreed to sew three costumes for trick-or-treat this year. (Click here to read more about why we participate in Halloween.) And yesterday I discovered that I don’t have enough fabric for the third costume because I’m still cutting them out — I haven’t even reached the sewing stage yet.

My kids are attending two birthday parties while I’m gone.

I have a list of things to mail that grows every day.

Instead, I’ve taken the youngest and dog to the pet store, washed piles of clothes, chaperoned a field trip, washed clothes, gone to the gym, and worked on another business. I’ve spent three days working on a post that I’m very passionate about but still isn’t ready. My husband and I are still hashing it out. Maybe it will be ready tomorrow. Or Friday. Or it might never see the light of day.

I’m an expert at denial, or else I’ve finally figured out that whatever needs to get done will get done, and what isn’t necessary isn’t worth stressing about.

Yeah, it’s the latter. Right? Right.

ADDENDUM: I have to confess another failure. I just realized I never picked a winner for the Christa Wells “Frame the Clouds” CD from the life:unmasked link-up a month ago! I’m SO SORRY. Also, congratulations to Sarah of From Tolstoy to Tinkerbell! You were selected by this morning. Send me your address and I’ll get the CD in the mail to you today!

This is life: unmasked, a blog link-up for bloggers willing to get real, take off our masks, and show how we are finding God (or how God is finding us) in the mess of everyday life. Will you join us?

It’s very simple. Write a post (or just share some photos or a video — be creative!). Grab the life: unmasked graphic (copy the code for it from my left sidebar) for your post. Next, share the link to your specific post (not just the general link to your blog) in the linky tool below, or if you don’t blog, share your story in the comments.

Please visit at least two other posts (maybe the one directly in front of you in the linky-list?), and leave them an encouraging comment. If you tweet, use the hashtag #lifeunmasked so we can find you there, too.

Let’s build an unmasked community, a safe place to be real with one another.


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