I sit in a room crowded with women passionate about advocating for the voiceless as the panel spoke on how to communicate on the topic of social justice, creating empathy, and writing calls to action. I’m wouldn’t say it out loud, but in my arrogance I think I might have something to contribute to the conversation. I did blog a World Vision trip to Bolivia, after all.

I listen with relief as Kristin describes how the overwhelming guilt she carried when she returned home from Africa kept her from accepting the flowers her family brought her at the airport.

“I am normal,” I think.

Then, as she continues, I see how we both poured that guilt over our friends and family, thinking we had to fix all the world’s problems since we’d seen the brokenness. This burden falls away as she says we are each called to do something, to find a need and fill it, but we can’t do it all. “Remember that becoming aware and finding the cause that matches your pain took you time. It will take every person time.”

But I am not expecting what comes next.

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