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Writing Is Tricky Business | #lifeunmasked

'Frustration' photo (c) 2010, Sharon  Pak - license:

Instead of writing the life:unmasked post I had planned to write, I spent last night with my husband, hashing out a recent blog post of mine on church membership and church discipline. It took that long to determine that we didn’t actually disagree, but that the words I wrote didn’t convey, at least to him, the gist of my belief on the topic. My post in two sentences, in case you were confused too, should read “Commit to a local body of believers, but do it wisely” and “Church discipline is like hazardous chemicals — handle with care and as little as possible.

Of course, our conversation wasn’t limited to that post. My husband knows what I’m wrestling with these days, so we dug into that for a long time. These conversations are essential for our marriage to remain healthy, but dang. They can be really uncomfortable!

It’s frustrating to spend hours on something, only to have it fail to communicate anyway. Sometimes I want to throw in the towel and give up. But I can’t. Writing is in my DNA. I can’t not write. But I can choose to write what I know instead of what I don’t, and I can vet things with people in the know before I publish. And I can always clarify or correct when I discover that I’ve missed the mark again.

life: unmasked

Not quite what I had planned to write for Life:Unmasked this week, but it’s the truth, and that’s what we’re after. How we learn and grow through our mistakes, hard times, and bad days. You can join in, too.

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