My husband keeps asking what I want for Christmas.

Read the end of my handwritten story on World Vision’s blog, where I’m posting today as part of their 12 Blogs of Christmas series.


That post? It’s all my handwriting. I wrote an entire story the old-fashioned way. (I know, I know — I also scanned it and Photoshopped it and uploaded it to my blog. Going old-fashioned only gets you so far in the digital world!) It’s a little weird seeing it on a computer screen — personal, unmasked. I did write in pencil so I could erase mistakes and edit, the way I always do, without it showing. But it isn’t polished like Times New Roman or Arial font. It’s just messy little me, scribbling in a journal again, trying to sift through what my husband is calling “very odd Christmas behavior.”

How do you sort through things? Writing helps me because it forces me to organize the chaos in my head into coherent sentences on paper.

Today I’m hosting the weekly blog meme life:unmasked, where we peel back the facade and reveal something less-than-perfect. We aren’t exhibitionists though; we unmask because we know that deep down, you’re less-than-perfect too and you think you’re alone. We unmask because God finds us in our less-than-perfection and loves us and shows us things we never learn when we’re pretending. Join us — write, create, record something, create a post, and then link it here.


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