saturday evening blog post

It’s the first Saturday of the month, which means it’s time to look back at the previous month and highlight our favorite. During the second half of December, I highlighted “best of” posts from the first 9 months of 2011, so I’m picking one of the post from early in the month, “How To Deal With Change Well.”

I used to think that God wouldn’t force Himself into a relationship where He wasn’t wanted, that we had a choice about whether or not to follow Him. Later I was persuaded that we always default to not wanting God unless He does something in us to change that default and enable us to actually want to be with Him. Now I find myself questioning how that belief accounts for real people making real choices and being held responsible for them.

I’ve changed.

man on tracks

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P.S. In the last month I had some special opportunities to appear in other places in cyberspace.

  1. The post “I Want In” was picked up by Provoketive Magazine.
  2. The post “Why You Should Date the Church” which appeared as a guest post on Jesus Needs New PR was picked up by and ran under the title “Can Your Church Divorce You?”
  3. Travis from the Something Beautiful podcast interviewed me for a full 50 minutes (and posted the entire thing — I thought it would be edited waaaaay down!). (with apologies to Ed and Tamara, whose names I butchered. This is why I write — I can always go back and edit it!)

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