The ottoman was covered with playing cards as the boy and the girl sat across from each other on the floor, giggling. The youngest bounced on the couch, watching, interjecting, and sneaking cards out of the pile.

deck of playing cards

“Oh man! You got my king!” she lamented. “Wait a minute. I’m going to swap that card. Here, have a seven.”

He wailed in mock protest, then retorted, “Well, then I’m going to swap my three with a Joker!”

They slapped and swiped cards, belly-laughed and teased, making up the rules as they went. And for once, they were enjoying each other.

My husband slipped his arm around my waist, as I stood at the kitchen counter, arms dusted white with flour, kneading pizza dough.

“This is as good as it gets, right here,” he whispered, nodding towards the scene in the family room.

I smiled and leaned into him, soaking up the moment. They’d be arguing soon enough, but this moment was pure delight.

What delight did you soak up this past week?


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