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The Embarrassing Truth ~ Life Unmasked

It was bound to happen. I host this Life:Unmasked link-up every Wednesday (and last week I even gave a writing prompt – my biggest regret). It was just a matter of time before I hit a week in which I had no time to prepare anything. This is that week.

I don’t have a post prepared for today. I’ve had meetings or events every night for over two weeks, I’m hosting a play group this afternoon which means I can’t procrastinate cleaning the bathroom any longer, I have to grocery shop so I have what I need to serve snacks to the play group and a women’s group on Friday, two of our children have separate music events on opposite ends of town Thursday, I haven’t been to the gym all week, and I’ve had projects to work on every spare moment in between. My floors need to be mopped, the carpets are in desperate need of cleaning (not just vacuuming but deep-cleaning), I am sitting next to a basket of clothes that have yet to be put away, and spring has sprung early which means it’s time to rotate the winter/summer wardrobe again.

As I wrote on Monday, I’m worn out. I don’t have a spare moment or brain cell to write anything about regret.

But never fear. I’m still posting the linky for all of you. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to read some of your unmasked posts by the end of the weekend.

P.S. If you came on Monday looking for another installment of Marriage Letters, we’re taking a week off and considering spreading those out a bit and going to once a month. Stay tuned for more details.

Life: unmasked buttonOn Wednesdays, I host the Life:Unmasked link-up, where we write naked, sharing the real, imperfect life we’re living. If you’ve written a bare-all post in the last week, or if you do in the next week, drop the direct link to your post into the linky below, and then visit at least 2 other writers and let them know you appreciate their vulnerability.

Finally, leave me a comment about having a writing prompt. Do you like a little bit of direction for these posts or prefer things more flexible? Does it matter? If you like prompts, give me some ideas too.



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