I have a soft spot in my heart for poetry, so when Carey sent me this poem, I knew I would share it with you for Life:Unmasked.


Your Love

This month comes and I reflect./
The days go by and I remember.//
9 years has past/and most days I don’t ever think about it//and then the memories trickle in.///
I hurt you./I disobeyed you.// I was selfish. I was a rule breaker./ I was everything I had never been in my life before /that/moment./It felt great.//It felt like freedom.///
I didn’t even think twice about it.
How could I not have thought twice?/How could I have not cared?//
I tear up thinking about it now.//Not that I would ever change a thing. I wouldn’t.//But I tear up thinking about Your love./
Your love despite blatant known wrongs./ Your love despite lies./ Your love despite pride./
Your love is overwhelming, remarkable, incomprehensible./Your love.// I rest in, bath in, sink deep into the depths of it.
I didn’t get it.// Now I get it.///Getting it came at a price/ I can never re-pay You but I am thankful you don’t make me you just take me.
You embrace me, affirm me, drive me, bless me, and hand me on a platter more than I deserve// More/than/ I/ deserve/. More than I deserve.//
Your love. /You just love me.//Despite me, You love me./
Thank You for loving me, thank You for loving me.


Carey Bailey guest post Cravingsonline.netCarey Bailey is a recovering perfectionist, wife, proud mama and Family Life director for her church in Arizona. She hosts an online community for moms called Cravings: desiring God in the midst of motherhood where she strives to make God time easier. Not less meaningful, just easier. She is the author of Cravings {The Devotional} which is a set of forty devotional flashcards to help moms get their God time on-the-go. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and on her website, Cravings Online.


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