Today I’m sharing the very beginning of my parenting journey on my friend Megan’s blog. I reviewed her fantastic book, “Spirit-led Parenting: From Fear to Faith in Baby’s First Year” awhile back. I ran out of space to share my own story in that review. Megan graciously allowed me to share it in her place today.

Here’s a little teaser.

From the moment the test turned positive, I studied and prepared for pregnancy, delivery, and motherhood the way I did for everything. I learned the ins and outs of any new venture so I would be armed with every answer I needed. I wouldn’t take any sass, would squelch rebellion early, and would map out the sleep schedules by the third trimester. I was going to be the perfect parent, the one who made just enough mistakes to prove I was human and give us all a nice laugh. I followed all the rules, took all the vitamins, and wrote the detailed birth plan. But even with all my prep, something nagged at me.

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