hammockFor a year now, I’ve committed to write Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday here on the blog. It has been excellent writing discipline and the consistency is something I hear that blog readers like. (Do you like consistency?)

I’ve felt this pull in my spirit for the last few weeks to step away from this schedule, at least for a time. I’ve decided to follow that urge and give myself a break during the month of May. This means I will only post if I have something to say. I do have a few posts planned, mostly guest posts for others, so I won’t completely disappear. But I won’t write three times a week for awhile, and I won’t be on Twitter or Facebook much.

I plan to spend more time reading, writing other things, working on our home, and just resting. My soul needs some space, some quiet, and some time to heal. Taking some of the things off my plate for a time seems to be a good way to give my soul that space it needs.

Have you ever made yourself some space to breathe and rest and heal? How did you do it? How did it go?