Last week I tried something I’ve never done before – I wrote out the story of my daughter’s first three weeks in a series of two posts a day. The result was 11 posts and over 8000 words in 6 days.

Then on Tuesday, I wrote for A Deeper Story. It was a sermon, let’s be honest, in the form of a 1200-word blog post.

Writing these 10,000 words in the space of 9 days was a wringing out, the words dripping from my heart. I’m dry and quiet now, no words left to pour into another page.

I’ve been writing long enough to know that the words will return. Meanwhile, I’m trying to rest, in a living-life-with-family kind of way.

Meanwhile, I have no post today. I just don’t have anything to say yet. If you missed them earlier, I’d love for you to read some of those 10,000 words I poured out last week.

When I can, even if just for a few minutes at a time, I’ll be laying under a tree or in my hammock, doing nothing.

How do you refresh and recover after pouring everything out?