My Facebook newsfeed gets nearly unbearable during a presidential election cycle. Many of my friends and I don’t even read it anymore, or we block our more extreme friends so we don’t have to see all the vitriol. This week, we decided to find the humor in all of the name-calling, gloom and doom predictions, and threats of moving to Canada (where incidentally, they have a multi-party system, universal health care, and legalized abortion). We collaborated on a little video lampooning ourselves.

Isn’t it good to laugh? I need to laugh a little more about politics, and I’m pretty sure you do too. It’s only possible when we assume that all of us want what’s best even if we disagree on how to get there or what that best is.

I love my friends and family who hold other political views. The extremism in the video above hurts those relationships. My friends are more important to me than politics, presidents, and political parties.

my best friend and I disagree on politics

(Sorry for the low image quality – my daughter took the photo)

(Photo taken yesterday, before the polls closed. Hey Sarah, let’s go to lunch. My treat.)


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